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Friday, October 04, 2002

Well, folks, here it is, the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq. Read it and weep. The resolution does not require UN approval for unilateral action.


MoveOn writes: "In lobbying calls over the last week, we've heard again and again that Congresspeople are taking this vote very seriously. The sheer volume of calls and letters, some aides have told us, has caused Congresspeople to think twice about rubber-stamping Bush's proposal. Many Senators and Representatives are still on the fence about how to vote; Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) called this the most difficult issue she's ever wrestled with." So it's really important to KEEP UP THE PRESSURE! Call your senators and your representative, and don't let up!

Sen. Stabenow 202-224-4822 or, locally, 517-203-1760
Sen. Levin 202-224-6221; locally 313-226-6020

Find your representative's number at Congress.org

Senator Byrd is said to be considering a filibuster against the resolution. Call his office (202-224-3954) and support a filibuster. His office is taking a poll on whether or not he should do this. See the link to the text of his fiery speech, below.

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Read about House leaders' backing of the compromise resolution, and Gephardt's treachery in cutting a deal with the White House. Hmmm ... third party candidate is looking better and better to me for the next presidential election.

Senator Byrd's speech questions the Constitutionality of the resolution and takes the administration to task on several other points as well.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

If you've visited this page in the past several days, you know that I haven't posted anything new. Sorry! With one computer and three computer-demanding residents, the wage-earner of the family gets dibs.

Again, a reminder to please let any like-minded friends know of this page so they, too, can add their voices to the anti-war chorus.

Despite the fact that anti-war sentiment has been building, the roll-over-and-play dead Democratic leadership in the House has reached an agreement with Bush on a resolution authorizing the president's use of military force, despite Iraq's acquiescence to the UN inspection plan.

And the Senate is apparently falling in line as well.

Given these realities, it's more important than ever that you call, write, e-mail your members of Congress! There is still some dissension in the Democratic ranks, so let's make the most of it. Please!


Rep. Barbara Lee and 29 other members of Congress have introduced an alternative resolution to Bush's, one that calls for the Administration to work throught the UN and resolve the crisis nonviolently. PLEASE send a letter to the House and Senate leaders involved.

Michael Moore invites you to tell the Democrats, "If you are not with us, you are fired!" He promises, "I will personally see that your on-line signatures are delivered to every member of Congress. I guarantee your voice will be heard loud and clear." Take a moment and tell the "opposition party" (cough, cough) what you think.

Contact the media! Don't let them get away with the lie that the entire populace is pro-war. Here are the e-mail addresses of some of the most influential media outlets (courtesy Utne Online--see below):


E-mails to the four front-runners for Democratic presidential nominee: update. As of this morning, 1300 e-mails have been sent to tell these each of these guys that a vote for war means one less vote for him. There have been problems with e-mails to Sens. Daschle and Edwards; Voice4Change urges you to "call Senator Daschle and Senator Edwards and tell them you will not forget this vote; at the end of the call ask them for an e-mail address that you can forward your bounced message to. This solution puts more pressure on with the phone call." The number for the Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121.

Show your support for peace with flags, T-shirts, etc. Proceeds help keep Progressive Portal operating.

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Thousands of anti-war protesters march on Cheney's house.

Britons march against war with Iraq.

The Black Caucus questions the push for war.

Utne Online's Anti-War Room is impressive. Check it out for upcoming protests and events, articles, and opportunities to speak out.

While members of Congress are working with President Bush to draft a mutually agreeable resolution giving the president the authority to attack Iraq, their constituents are letting them know that war is not acceptable. Read the results of Democracy Now's informal survey.

Ashcroft connected to terrorist group with Iraq connections.

The media begin to prepare Americans for massive Iraqi civilian casualties and substantial American military casualties. If there's slaughter, it'll be the Iraqis' fault! 'Cause we're the good guys!

But then, the media are damned good at speaking the language of war.

Why Bush is really so insistent on attacking Iraq: because it's the first step in dominating the world.

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