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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Actually, the last entry I posted should have today's date, October 24. But I goofed and don't know how to fix it ... No matter.

Remember how we got into this situation in the first place? The situation of being on the brink of war? Yes, it all happened in November, 2000 ...Let's review how Bush stole the election with the help of Kathleen Harris, who purged the voter lists of over 50,000 qualified voters.

Speaking of Kathleen, don't we owe it to ourselves and to the residents of Florida to keep her out of office? The Bushes are rewarding her by trying to buy her a Congressional seat. Go here to contribute to her campaign. She's a great candidate in her own right, even if she weren't running against Cruella.

Other close races that are real cliffhangers--on which the control of the Senate hangs in the balance--are Tim Johnson, Senator Jean Carnahan, Tom Strickland, and Jeanne Shaheen. Click here to donate to their campaigns.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Been a while since I've posted. Among other things, we had a lovely trip to the western side of Michigan, where the lake lashed the shore in huge, foaming waves and the wind stung us. No matter: I needed to see that lake. But now it's back to business as usual. Bad news never takes a vacation ...

... but let's start with some good news. Update on the money raised for Senate candidates through MoveOnPAC's website: $1,250,000 in three days, from more than 30,000 individuals. Wellstone's campaign alone has $560,000 of that money. Hot damn! Let's hope we can keep the Republicans from winning a majority in both houses of Congress, which would be a catastrophe for all of us.

Here's a way to let people know what you think get out the vote: download this and display it in your car window--or house window. Says it all: "Regime Change Begins at Home. Vote."

Bush has been pressuring for quick inspections, some say so that when Iraq fails to adhere to a UN resolution, troops can be moved into Iraq before the seasonal sandstorms and hot weather arrive. Yesterday the U.S. circulated a new draft resolution to the entire Security Council. The intent is to pressure France, China, and Russia by taking the resolution to a wider audience.

Russia says that the new resolution provides requirements that UN inspectors can't fulfill, just like the old resolution.

Could it be (gasp!) that the resolution has been engineered to set a hair-trigger that will go off if there is even a minor violation of the resolution?

Further evidence that policy is driving intelligence-gathering, rather than vice versa: Rumsfeld has set up an intelligence unit for the sole purpose of trying to find a link between Iraq and terrorist networks through "data mining."

Robert Fisk calls a new book on Osama bin Laden a "treasure trove."

Shades of things to come: As more and more "smart" bombs are used by the U.S. military, shouldn't civilian casualties be going down? Instead, civilian casualty rates keep rising.

But who wants to count bodies? Not the Pentagon. But see the results of ten studies that count Afghan civilian casualties due to U.S. bombs. Marc Herold argues that the Pentagon and the media have deliberately undercounted civilian casualties. Are we shocked?

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