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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Know Some Young Anti-Bushies? Spread the Word!

"I'm young. I vote. I'm not voting for Bush."

If you know anyone in the 18-24-year-old category, urge them to visit the site, sign the pledge, and print some flyers!

Let's Hope This Isn't True ...

"New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq."

According to the Tehran Times (treat as suspect), large containers falsely labeled as relief supplies or carrying fake shipping labels have been brought into southern Iraq by coalition forces.
The source added that some provocative actions such as the closure of Al-Hawza periodical by U.S. administrator Paul Bremer, the secret meetings between his envoys with some extremist groups who have no relations with the Iraqi Governing Council, the sudden upsurge in violence in central and southern Iraq, a number of activities which have stoked up the wrath of the prominent Shia clerics, and finally, the spate of kidnappings and the baseless charges against the Iranian charge d'affaires in Baghdad are providing the necessary smokescreen for the transportation of the WMD to their intended locations.

He said they are quite aware that the White House in cooperation with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has directly tasked the Defense Department to hide these weapons. Given the recent scandals to the effect that the U.S. president was privy to the 9/11 plot, they might try to immediately announce the discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to overshadow the scandals and prevent a further decline of Bush?s public opinion rating as the election approaches.
This is tinfoil-hat territory, and yet, given this administration ...

Of course, the other horrible possibility is that these are weapons to be used in our own battles against the Iraqis.

As I said--let's hope this isn't true.

Must Reads: Our "Noble Cause" as Carried Out in Falluja

Just go and read this and this. And weep, as I did.

To hear Bush mumble on about the nobility of our purpose, etc. etc. ad nauseum, fills me with a bone-deep disgust, as well as frustration at those who remain willfully ignorant (aka, Bush supporters).

(I know I haven't been blogging of late. The recent events in Iraq have been deeply disturbing and I've found myself unable to concentrate much, other than to read obsessively everything I can about what's happening. I know that despite having two more posts partly written about the book Reading Lolita in Tehran, they will never see the light of day, either. It just seems beside the point now. When in fact, it probably is more to the point, and will become even more so, if thought of in one way.)

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